How To Land Trustworthy Family Law Attorneys In Broward County

Family law is one of the wide categories that involve a lot of issues arising from domestic partnerships, marriages and civil unions. From mental and physical abuse to adoption, surrogacy, divorce, alimony, abduction, legitimacy, visitation, support and custody, there are several issues that may need a family lawyer to adequately settle. In regions like Broward County, finding family law attorneys should not be a problem since there are many firms and lawyers that specialize in this area. Nonetheless, not all perform equally well which is why you need to keenly examine the offers. To land a trustworthy Broward Country family law attorney, you will need the following tips:

  1. Review the reputation – The fastest and easiest way to tell if any given family lawyer or law firm can handle your needs is through reviewing their reputation. Family lawyers that have been consistently helping clients settle cases will definitely attract a good reputation from the market. To gauge this, you can start by looking through the reviews, comments, testimonials and complaints from previous and/or current clients. If there are too many bad reviews and complains or fake testimonials, simply skip such offer. Make note to talk to some of the clients personally or through a cell. You can also lookup expert reviewers to gather more tips about the lawyer/law-firm and how they rank against competition. Reputation review is important even for top family attorneys like Steven Effman. Reviews represent solid evidence from which you can learn based on other people’s interaction with a given service.
  2. Consider experience and professionalism – It is recommendable to work with family lawyers who have been in the business for a long time and boast profound experience. With this is mind, long serving firms are usually preferable although some new entrants may also provide reliable representation. It is important to note that some old firms employ recent graduates while new firms may have long-serving experienced attorneys so you should consider the professional experience of the specific attorney. Professionalism can be evaluated from the first appointment and attorney’s reaction on your first meeting. If they are overly casual, speak about general facts and show up late, you should not engage them.
  3. Steve EffmanMake an enquiry of the representation and portfolio – As aforementioned, family law is quite detailed and there are several issues arising from different unions all needing a family attorney. For this same reason, some layers choose to focus on a particular section of family law whether divorce, surrogacy, legitimacy or abduction among others. A single lawyer may have knowledge in various sections but not equally adequate in all. You should therefore choose firms rather than individuals if you want to be sure. The best Broward County family law attorney firm will have different experts who can handle all the areas. Before contracting a lawyer, enquire about the services and representation they provide. You can learn the nature of cases they have settled over the past years to compare them with your situation.
  4. Seek guarantees and settlement provisions – Family law can be complicated, but with a good lawyer, you should expect to win at least to some extent. Some attorneys provide quality service guarantees and will generally accept very law payment until the case is closed and you are settled. Depending on your case, some will require no upfront payment, but such negotiations often involve remuneration from a percentage of your settlement which may be a lot of the money at the end of it all. The decision is yours to make if you want to quickly settle family issues. Not many cases can be pursued without paying and it all depends on the matter in question. Nonetheless, the firm should provide some solid guarantees that your needs and expectations will be met; otherwise you should not involve their services at all.


Broward County is a sophisticated region with many families and issues. There are many attorneys all offering family law representation and posing as the best offer. Your priority is to compare various attorneys and/or firms before making a final decision. Make sure you compare the cost after all the other aspects are impressive. Once you have two or three potential choices, weight their quotes to gain competitive advantage. Pay attention to all the minute details of the service including flexibility, communication channels, proximity to your residence and attorney availability among related aspects. Only work with credible licensed attorneys allowed to offer the service in your area.

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