Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Divorce Attorney In Naples

No married couple asks for a divorce but different life circumstances might bring it along and the parties involved have to deal with it. It is a rough time for both parties and it is therefore recommended to have an experienced divorce attorney help in settling the matter amicably. Divorce is a very emotive, sensitive and highly intensive period in your life and it is hard to think straight amidst all these things. Hiring the services of a good and experienced divorce attorney will ensure that you get the best advice on your rights and solve the matter fast. Therefore, it is important to hire the best and most experienced divorce lawyer in order to get the best services as well as a good outcome in the end. The law offices of Neil Morales provide a memorably appropriate solution for individuals seeking dependable representation for their divorce cases. If you are based in Florida, here are some important considerations to make when choosing a good divorce attorney Naples to handle your matter:


You should consider the time that your preferred attorney has been in family law practice. The longer the years that they have practiced in the area of family law then the more they know. This will better your chances of getting the best services. The most vital factor that separates a good lawyer from a great one is their experience. Ensure that you get to research or ask them the number of years they have practiced in the area of family law. You should also find out whether your preferred attorney has handled divorce matters that are almost similar to your circumstances and find out the outcome in such matters. For instance, the law offices of Neil Morales have the best attorneys with experience to handle even the most complicated cases in divorce.

Openness to Using Other Conflict Resolution Methods

You should find out whether your preferred divorce attorney Naples is open to using other conflict resolution methods to settle the matter instead of going before the courts for trial. There are a lot of lawyers in Naples FL who have a hired gun mentality and love the thrill of going to court to try all manner of cases. You should choose a lawyer who is open to other resolution methods like arbitration or mediation to find a solution. Divorce cases are very sensitive and touch on intimate and private details that may expose the divorcing couples a lot. If these details get out in the public they are highly likely to ruin lives and also affect the children negatively if there are minors involved in the matter. It is important for a different perspective to be exercised when dealing with a sensitive issue like divorce. Trial should be considered as the last resort when all other methods of conflict resolution have failed.

Opting to go to court in Naples for family law issues is viewed like using a hammer to kill a fly. You will get your desired outcome but a lot of damage will have been done. Settling divorce cases out of the court is advantageous in that the couple can get creative and find a remedy that will be favorable to the whole family if there are kids involved.

Reputation in the Legal Community

When making the decision to settle for a specific divorce lawyer, it would be important to consider their reputation in the legal community. You could ask other lawyers or do a background research on the internet to find out the standing that a certain divorce lawyer holds in the field. This would be determined by the respect such a lawyer commands from his peers, whether they have lectured other lawyers and the contribution they made to the profession in the area of family law.


You should consider whether your preferred attorney has written any publications that have been published in legal journals. This would be proof of their respect in the field as well as their excellent skills and experience in family law. A good family lawyer can be judged by the number of articles and publications that they have written to educate the public on their duties, rights and responsibilities.

Personality and Attention to Clients

After narrowing down on your list of preferred divorce attorneys in Naples, Florida, you should take time and pay them a visit in order to establish their personality as well as see how they treat their clients. This would be important in order for you to determine whether you will be comfortable working with them or not. You will gauge their listening skills and get to see how much attention they give to their clients. A good law firm will always respond to your calls in a timely fashion, cause no interruptions during your consultations and provide a timely feedback on your matter’s progress.

Final Words

You should also consider the cost of the legal services you will get from your attorney in order to make an informed decision. If you consider all the above important considerations, you will get the best divorce attorney Naples to handle your matter. If you need an experienced divorce attorney who practices in Naples and Marco, contact the law offices of Neil Morales and you will get the perfect solution.

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