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Driving a vehicle while under the influence is both reckless and dangerous. However, we all make some mistakes in life and if you happen to drive under the influence, it is important to get the services of an attorney. In such a case you will need the services of an experienced Tacoma DUI attorney. Here are the important considerations you should consider while looking for the services of the right DUI attorney:

Experience and Expertise

You should consider the experience that your preferred Tacoma DUI attorney has in defending DWI and DUI charges. You should go for the most experienced attorney among the few that you will have narrowed down from your research. Getting the most experienced attorney handling your matter will improve your chances of winning your case or escaping with a minimal fine. The experienced attorney will have the right knowledge and resources to challenge your arrest process, testing process and equipment as well as the right experience to negotiate with the prosecution.

Hiring an expert attorney will work to your benefit as they will be able to file all the necessary documents within the required timelines as well as fill the right forms to get your driving license back. They will also have a lot of techniques and tricks to diffuse the stand of the state in various case scenarios forcing it back to its back-foot. They will also be able to detect any minuscule error on the part of the arresting officer thereby helping your case in a big way. Their sharpness and huge experience in dealing with these matters could help your matter by ensuring that all charges are dropped.

Track Record on Handling DUI Cases

Smith and White

It would be important to check the attorney or law firm’s track record in handling DUI cases in Tacoma. It is advisable to identify the number of similar cases that the firm has defended successfully as well its win/loss ratio. This will be important to know beforehand to ensure that you make an informed choice as well as pick an attorney with higher prospects of winning your case.

Attorney Fees

It is extremely important to find out the attorney fees well before choosing the services of your Tacoma DUI attorney. It is important to learn about this important aspect in order to be well prepared financially. You should find out whether your preferred attorney charges by the minute or and their consultation. This will help you to check whether you will be able to afford their services or not well in advance.

Getting Referrals

While looking for the right DUI attorney to handle your case well, it is advisable to get referrals from family, close friends, colleagues etc who ought to have dealt with such a lawyer in one way or another. They will get you a wily and tested Tacoma DUI attorney to handle your matter thereby improving your prospects of having the sentence reduced or commuted down to the lowest level possible. Referrals are a great way of getting the best professionals from people who know or have interacted with their services in the past and found them to be top and worth. You could also seek for referrals from your state bar association in order to get the best DUI attorneys in Tacoma.

Importance of Hiring a Tacoma DUI Attorney

When you are arrested on the suspicion of driving while under the influence and you deny the charges, you have the right to appoint an attorney to represent you before court. You can call your DUI attorney immediately after getting arrested for them to review all the aspects of your arrest. This will help them find out whether the right and due process was followed. This is usually the first step of making holes in the prosecution’s case in order to avoid being found guilty of the alleged DUI charges.

Having a Tacoma DUI attorney from Smith & White PLLC by your side should make you confident of getting the lowest penalties possible of getting acquitted. Our experienced DUI attorneys will ensure that they put up a non-porous defense against the charges preferred against you and prove to the court about your innocence. We will also ensure that you only get to pay the least fines and keep your driving privileges. We will always exploit all the angles that will be of enormous help to your case to ensure the best outcome in the end.

No married couple asks for a divorce but different life circumstances might bring it along and the parties involved have to deal with it. It is a rough time for both parties and it is therefore recommended to have an experienced divorce attorney help in settling the matter amicably. Divorce is a very emotive, sensitive and highly intensive period in your life and it is hard to think straight amidst all these things. Hiring the services of a good and experienced divorce attorney will ensure that you get the best advice on your rights and solve the matter fast. Therefore, it is important to hire the best and most experienced divorce lawyer in order to get the best services as well as a good outcome in the end. The law offices of Neil Morales provide a memorably appropriate solution for individuals seeking dependable representation for their divorce cases. If you are based in Florida, here are some important considerations to make when choosing a good divorce attorney Naples to handle your matter:


You should consider the time that your preferred attorney has been in family law practice. The longer the years that they have practiced in the area of family law then the more they know. This will better your chances of getting the best services. The most vital factor that separates a good lawyer from a great one is their experience. Ensure that you get to research or ask them the number of years they have practiced in the area of family law. You should also find out whether your preferred attorney has handled divorce matters that are almost similar to your circumstances and find out the outcome in such matters. For instance, the law offices of Neil Morales have the best attorneys with experience to handle even the most complicated cases in divorce.

Openness to Using Other Conflict Resolution Methods

You should find out whether your preferred divorce attorney Naples is open to using other conflict resolution methods to settle the matter instead of going before the courts for trial. There are a lot of lawyers in Naples FL who have a hired gun mentality and love the thrill of going to court to try all manner of cases. You should choose a lawyer who is open to other resolution methods like arbitration or mediation to find a solution. Divorce cases are very sensitive and touch on intimate and private details that may expose the divorcing couples a lot. If these details get out in the public they are highly likely to ruin lives and also affect the children negatively if there are minors involved in the matter. It is important for a different perspective to be exercised when dealing with a sensitive issue like divorce. Trial should be considered as the last resort when all other methods of conflict resolution have failed.

Opting to go to court in Naples for family law issues is viewed like using a hammer to kill a fly. You will get your desired outcome but a lot of damage will have been done. Settling divorce cases out of the court is advantageous in that the couple can get creative and find a remedy that will be favorable to the whole family if there are kids involved.

Reputation in the Legal Community

When making the decision to settle for a specific divorce lawyer, it would be important to consider their reputation in the legal community. You could ask other lawyers or do a background research on the internet to find out the standing that a certain divorce lawyer holds in the field. This would be determined by the respect such a lawyer commands from his peers, whether they have lectured other lawyers and the contribution they made to the profession in the area of family law.


You should consider whether your preferred attorney has written any publications that have been published in legal journals. This would be proof of their respect in the field as well as their excellent skills and experience in family law. A good family lawyer can be judged by the number of articles and publications that they have written to educate the public on their duties, rights and responsibilities.

Personality and Attention to Clients

After narrowing down on your list of preferred divorce attorneys in Naples, Florida, you should take time and pay them a visit in order to establish their personality as well as see how they treat their clients. This would be important in order for you to determine whether you will be comfortable working with them or not. You will gauge their listening skills and get to see how much attention they give to their clients. A good law firm will always respond to your calls in a timely fashion, cause no interruptions during your consultations and provide a timely feedback on your matter’s progress.

Final Words

You should also consider the cost of the legal services you will get from your attorney in order to make an informed decision. If you consider all the above important considerations, you will get the best divorce attorney Naples to handle your matter. If you need an experienced divorce attorney who practices in Naples and Marco, contact the law offices of Neil Morales and you will get the perfect solution.

Family law is one of the wide categories that involve a lot of issues arising from domestic partnerships, marriages and civil unions. From mental and physical abuse to adoption, surrogacy, divorce, alimony, abduction, legitimacy, visitation, support and custody, there are several issues that may need a family lawyer to adequately settle. In regions like Broward County, finding family law attorneys should not be a problem since there are many firms and lawyers that specialize in this area. Nonetheless, not all perform equally well which is why you need to keenly examine the offers. To land a trustworthy Broward Country family law attorney, you will need the following tips:

  1. Review the reputation – The fastest and easiest way to tell if any given family lawyer or law firm can handle your needs is through reviewing their reputation. Family lawyers that have been consistently helping clients settle cases will definitely attract a good reputation from the market. To gauge this, you can start by looking through the reviews, comments, testimonials and complaints from previous and/or current clients. If there are too many bad reviews and complains or fake testimonials, simply skip such offer. Make note to talk to some of the clients personally or through a cell. You can also lookup expert reviewers to gather more tips about the lawyer/law-firm and how they rank against competition. Reputation review is important even for top family attorneys like Steven Effman. Reviews represent solid evidence from which you can learn based on other people’s interaction with a given service.
  2. Consider experience and professionalism – It is recommendable to work with family lawyers who have been in the business for a long time and boast profound experience. With this is mind, long serving firms are usually preferable although some new entrants may also provide reliable representation. It is important to note that some old firms employ recent graduates while new firms may have long-serving experienced attorneys so you should consider the professional experience of the specific attorney. Professionalism can be evaluated from the first appointment and attorney’s reaction on your first meeting. If they are overly casual, speak about general facts and show up late, you should not engage them.
  3. Steve EffmanMake an enquiry of the representation and portfolio – As aforementioned, family law is quite detailed and there are several issues arising from different unions all needing a family attorney. For this same reason, some layers choose to focus on a particular section of family law whether divorce, surrogacy, legitimacy or abduction among others. A single lawyer may have knowledge in various sections but not equally adequate in all. You should therefore choose firms rather than individuals if you want to be sure. The best Broward County family law attorney firm will have different experts who can handle all the areas. Before contracting a lawyer, enquire about the services and representation they provide. You can learn the nature of cases they have settled over the past years to compare them with your situation.
  4. Seek guarantees and settlement provisions – Family law can be complicated, but with a good lawyer, you should expect to win at least to some extent. Some attorneys provide quality service guarantees and will generally accept very law payment until the case is closed and you are settled. Depending on your case, some will require no upfront payment, but such negotiations often involve remuneration from a percentage of your settlement which may be a lot of the money at the end of it all. The decision is yours to make if you want to quickly settle family issues. Not many cases can be pursued without paying and it all depends on the matter in question. Nonetheless, the firm should provide some solid guarantees that your needs and expectations will be met; otherwise you should not involve their services at all.


Broward County is a sophisticated region with many families and issues. There are many attorneys all offering family law representation and posing as the best offer. Your priority is to compare various attorneys and/or firms before making a final decision. Make sure you compare the cost after all the other aspects are impressive. Once you have two or three potential choices, weight their quotes to gain competitive advantage. Pay attention to all the minute details of the service including flexibility, communication channels, proximity to your residence and attorney availability among related aspects. Only work with credible licensed attorneys allowed to offer the service in your area.

As a millennial, I believe that my generation holds more power than they know especially regarding politics. I am a journalism student who has witnessed quite a bit of students whom have no interest in politics or voting in general. On multiple occasions I was instructed to conduct man-on-the-street interviews with college students regarding the most recent election. On three separate occasions, I went out onto my campus (Columbia College Chicago) to uncover how my generation truly felt about the election and politics as a whole.

The first time I had to approach students to discuss the election, I had to interview three students and ask them questions like, “What are your feelings towards politics in general?” and “Are you going to vote?”. The responses I received were not surprising. Students responded to the first question with the typical answer of not really having an interest in politics because of how dirty and unpleasant it has become over the years. Students simply do not want to fight with one another on the matter. They choose to avoid what is happening in the real world and focus solely on their own lives. Which in some cases, makes sense. Students already have so much to worry about and stress over that they do not need the additional pressure of redirecting their attention to politics. However, it is so important for students to care about what is happening. The outcome of the election greatly impacts our futures and the futures of our families.

When asked the question if they were going to vote, I found disturbing answers. The students replied with answers such as, “I don’t think either candidate is qualified therefore I am not going to vote.” Or “I have not paid enough attention to politics so if I do vote, I will have to research beforehand”. What I wished these students would realize is they do not have to spend time researching. With apps that they use every day directly at their fingertips, they could have enough of a view built up just within Twitter. Twitter itself provides people, mainly millennials, with so much information which then sparks the interest in them to go out and investigate the issues that matter to them, even further.

The other two interviews I conducted were the days of both of the debates. I was instructed to ask students if they were going to watch the debate, and if the outcomes of the debates would sway who they might have decided to vote for. The general consensus was that the students were not going to change their mind simply based on one or two debates. The students who did place a value on keeping up with politics, no matter how nitty gritty it became, expressed that they had already made up their minds on which candidate they were going to vote for. They did say that they would

still watch the debate only to see how the candidate they already set their mind on, would perform.

The uninformed students on the other hand, had very different answers. These students expressed that they had not paid attention to politics thus far so why start now? That as the sort of attitude they gave off in their answers. Some students said they were simply too busy to watch the debates live and would try to catch them on some form of social media later on. However, there was no sense of urgency amongst these students.

I believe as a millennial it is important for not only us, but for our future families, to be involved in politics today.